How NIMBYs hold back development in Sydney and what can be done to overcome this

The megaphone should be taken away from “narrow-minded, self-interested individuals” who oppose the building of new homes in their Sydney suburbs, says think-tank the McKell Institute.

In a paper submitted to the NSW government, the institute supports Planning Minister Brad Hazzard’s vision of a return to terrace housing in Sydney.

The institute says there are 41 suburbs that are “ripe for a terrace revolution” and could incorporate terraces into their communities effectively.

The list of 41 suburbs includes million-dollar locations like Neutral Bay, Cremorne and Mosman on the north shore and Bondi and Bronte in the eastern suburbs.

‘Militant NIMBYism’ from Mosman to Bondi ruining development of Sydney housing market: McKell Institute's 41-suburb hit list

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