Strategic planning solutions

Our unique experience working for State and Local Governments as well as a decade advising clients on delivering major projects gives Macken Strategic Planning Solutions the necessary insights and strategic background to help clients achieve their goals.


Helping you avoid the planning pitfalls

With over twenty years experience in managing and navigating the competing interests in urban affairs we are uniquely placed to advise  on the pitfalls and traps which delay or stop new developments.

Engaging the community

We understand the fears and worries that motivate local communities and drive public conflict over changes in land use. We also understand the regulatory environment in which these conflicts are mediated.

Homes for all report | 78 pages

The 40 things we can do to improve supply and affordability

Twenty years ago it took three times the median salary to buy a house in Sydney. Now it takes nine times, a higher ratio than London or New York at the peak of the market. It puts Sydney at the top of the wrong league table.

This report for the McKell Institute, by Sean Macken and  Dr Tim Williams, considers what politicians and the residents of NSW must do to to fix this situation.

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