Helping you avoid the planning pitfalls

With over twenty years experience in managing and navigating the competing interests in urban affairs we are uniquely placed to advise  on the pitfalls and traps which delay or stop new developments.

Engaging the community

We understand the fears and worries that motivate local communities and drive public conflict over changes in land use. We also understand the regulatory environment in which these conflicts are mediated.

Our Services

1. Strategic advice and Intelligence

Macken Strategic Planning Solutions works closely with clients in progressing development applications and rezonings through to approval. Our services include:

  • planning and urban affairs advice;
  • advising on the political and policy environment in which the proposal or rezoning is being assessed; and,
  • gathering up to date intelligence and background on how the rezoning is regarded by the key stakeholders and decision makers.

2. Issues Management

We can assist the proponents with managing media and community relations. This would include:

  • preparation of media releases and background materials;
  • briefing local journalists and media outlets;
  • advising the applicants spokesperson on key messages and statements; and,
  • assisting clients in delivering a community consultation program.

3. Community engagement

Macken Strategic Planning Solutions can assist clients in organising public forums and community meetings. This would include;

  • preparing community consultation materials and story boards;
  • overseeing graphic design and printing of materials for the meetings;
  • coordinating venue hire and distribution of community notices;
  • convening meetings and organising appropriate minuting of the discussions;
  • chairing and coordinating the conduct of the meeting;
  • preparation of an issues/discussion report covering the key issues covered in the meetings.

4. Public Policy and Social Planning

Sean has extensive experience in the facilitation of complex social and community planning processes for major commercial and residential developers in Australia. Sean has also provided public policy advice and to planning agencies regarding a range of government land use and planning initiatives.

Sean has particular expertise in the development of innovative methodologies that achieve strategic outcomes for clients. Sean has a demonstrated capacity to manage complex projects in sensitive environments where there are significant stakeholders interests to deliver timely results for clients.

He has worked for a range of clients in the development industry. This has included strategic advice, conduct of consultation, and social planning to inform complex planning and sustainability processes.

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